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Artificial Intelligence: Modern Magic or Dangerous Future?

Artificial Intelligence

Modern Magic or Dangerous Future?

Icon Books Ltd (2019)

Getting to the heart of the Artificial Intelligence debate.

The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: A Sourcebook
Cambridge University Press (1990)

This outstanding collection is designed to address the fundamental issues and principles underlying...

Close Engagements with Artificial Companions: Key social, psychological, ethical and design issues

Close Engagements with Artificial Companions

Key social, psychological, ethical and design issues

John Benjamins Publishing Company (2010)

The COMPANIONS project, which inspired this book, is studying conversational software-based...

Language, Cohesion and Form
Cambridge University Press (2005)

This volume brings together for the first time the papers of Margaret Masterman, a pioneer in the...

Artificial Believers: The Ascription of Belief

Artificial Believers

The Ascription of Belief

Taylor and Francis (2013)

Modeling of individual beliefs is essential to the computer understanding of natural languages....

Theoretical Issues in Natural Language Processing
Taylor and Francis (2018)

Accompanying continued industrial production and sales of artificial intelligence and expert systems...

Machine Translation: Its Scope and Limits

Machine Translation

Its Scope and Limits

Springer US (2008)

Machine Translation (MT) is both an engineering technology and a measure of all things to do with...

Machine Conversations

Machine Conversations is a collection of some of the best research available in the practical arts...