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Student Engagement in Campus-Based and Online Education: University Connections

Blended learning is firmly established in universities around the world, yet to date little...

Higher Education Learning Outcomes Assessment: International Perspectives
Peter Lang (2014)

This book provides higher education teachers, leaders and policymakers with insights from research...

The Market for Learning: Leading Transparent Higher Education

The Market for Learning

Leading Transparent Higher Education


Improving transparency is critical to the future of higher education. This book articulates the role...

Engaging University Students: International Insights from System-Wide Studies

Engaging University Students

International Insights from System-Wide Studies


This book provides university teachers, leaders and policymakers with evidence on how researchers in...

Handbook on the Politics of Higher Education

Understanding the politics of Higher Education is becoming more important as the sector is...

Research Handbook on Quality, Performance and Accountability in Higher Education

As higher education becomes a key determinant for economic competitiveness, institutions face...

Job Satisfaction around the Academic World

Systemic variations between states imply a more complex academic culture than the common view of...