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Danger Uxb: The Heroic Story of the WWII Bomb Disposal Teams

Danger Uxb

The Heroic Story of the WWII Bomb Disposal Teams


Autumn 1940: the Front Line is now Britain itself. With invasion imminent, cities are blitzed...

The Times Great Quotations: Famous quotes to inform, motivate and inspire

Discover the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi alongside the wit of Groucho Marx in a collection of great and...

A Serpent In Eden: 'The greatest murder mystery of all time'

A Serpent In Eden

'The greatest murder mystery of all time'


Night comes quickly to the Bahamas. That of 7 July 1943 was unpleasantly close and humid, for though...

Commando: Winning World War II Behind Enemy Lines


Winning World War II Behind Enemy Lines


June 1940: As Britain's soldiers limped home from Dunkirk, a maverick Army officer was already...

The Times Great Letters: A century of notable correspondence

The Times has the most famous letters page of any newspaper. This delightful selection of over 300...

The Times On This Day: Facts and trivia for every day of the year

Do you know when the Duke of Albemarle arranged Britain’s first boxing match, between his butler and...

The Dragon's Apprentice

Seven years after the events of The Shadow Dragons, John, Jack and Charles are finally able to...

Shadow Dragons

The Caretakers of the Imaginarium Geographica are at war. The last stones from the Keep of Time are...


Leaping effortlessly from bright streams into the human imagination, the trout has an ancient...

Secrets of the Dragon Riders

Your Favorite Authors on Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle: Completely Unauthorized

Millions of readers adore Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle : its earnest hero, its...