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Foundations of Cryptography: Volume 1, Basic Tools
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Focuses on the basic mathematical tools needed for cryptographic design: computational difficulty...

P, NP, and NP-Completeness: The Basics of Computational Complexity

P, NP, and NP-Completeness

The Basics of Computational Complexity

Cambridge University Press (2010)

Starting from the basics of computability, this undergraduate introduction focuses on the P versus...

Computational Complexity: A Conceptual Perspective

Computational Complexity

A Conceptual Perspective

Cambridge University Press (2008)

A conceptual introduction to modern topics in complexity for advanced undergraduate and graduate...

Foundations of Cryptography: Volume 2, Basic Applications
Cambridge University Press (2009)

A rigorous treatment of Encryption, Signatures, and General Cryptographic Protocols, emphasizing...

Introduction to Property Testing
Cambridge University Press (2017)

An extensive and authoritative introduction to property testing, the study of super-fast algorithms...

Studies in Complexity and Cryptography: Miscellanea on the Interplay between Randomness and Computation

Studies in Complexity and Cryptography

Miscellanea on the Interplay between Randomness and Computation

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

Paying witness to the author’s thirty-year career in science, these high-quality papers, some...

Property Testing: Current Research and Surveys

Property Testing

Current Research and Surveys

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

Property Testing is the study of super-fast algorithms for approximate decision making. This volume...

Theoretical Computer Science: Essays in Memory of Shimon Even

Theoretical Computer Science

Essays in Memory of Shimon Even

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

On May 1, 2004, the world of theoretical computer science su?ered a stunning loss: Shimon Even...