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The Evidence for God: Religious Knowledge Reexamined

The Evidence for God

Religious Knowledge Reexamined


Paul Moser offers a perspective on the evidence for God that centers on a morally robust version of...

Jesus and Philosophy: New Essays

This book considers Jesus' contribution and significance to philosophy in historical and...

The Elusive God: Reorienting Religious Epistemology

The Elusive God

Reorienting Religious Epistemology


This book argues that evidence of God's existence is purposively available to humans.

The Severity of God: Religion and Philosophy Reconceived

The Severity of God

Religion and Philosophy Reconceived


Explores what role severity plays in God's character, and how difficulties in life relate to the...

The God Relationship: The Ethics for Inquiry about the Divine

The God Relationship

The Ethics for Inquiry about the Divine


Paul K. Moser proposes a new approach to inquiry about God, including a new discipline of the ethics...

Philosophy after Objectivity: Making Sense in Perspective

Philosophy after Objectivity

Making Sense in Perspective


Since the beginning of philosophy, philosophers have sought objective knowledge: knowledge of things...

The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology

The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology contains 19 previously unpublished chapters by today's leading...

The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil

This Companion offers a state-of-the-art contribution by providing critical analyses of and creative...

Contemporary Materialism: A Reader

Contemporary Materialism brings together the best recent work on materialism from many of our...

The Testimony of the Spirit: New Essays

The theme of the testimony of the Spirit of God has received inadequate attention in recent...