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The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Management Research
SAGE Publications (2007)

'This comprehensive work extends general ideas, concepts, and techniques of qualitative research...

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Management Research
SAGE Publications (2013)

Bell and Thorpe provide a stimulating and critical overview of the key theoretical debates on...

Management and Language: The Manager as a Practical Author

Management and Language

The Manager as a Practical Author

SAGE Publications (2002)

Management and Langugage explores and develops the image of the manager as one who is aware of, and...

Performance Management: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Performance Management

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Palgrave Macmillan (2008)

A new look at performance management that goes beyond discipline approaches and explores how we...

Who's In, Who's Out: The Journals of Kenneth Rose: Volume One 1944-1979
Orion (2018)

'The most detailed, amusing and accurate account ever of the post-war world of the English...

Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development
Taylor and Francis (2016)

On few occasions in the history of modern management have leadership skills been in such sharp focus...

Who Loses, Who Wins: The Journals of Kenneth Rose: Volume Two 1979-2014
Orion (2019)

Kenneth Rose was one of the most astute observers of the establishment for over seventy years. The...

Leadership and Management Development
Kogan Page (2010)

Critically analyse the concepts of leadership and management and their application in an...

Management and Business Research
SAGE Publications (2015)

Now in its Fifth Edition , this bestselling text covers the entire research process in an...

A Guide to Professional Doctorates in Business and Management
SAGE Publications (2015)

This practical guide is designed for students undertaking professional doctorates in business and...