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Rural social work: International perspectives

Rural social work

International perspectives

Policy Press (2010)

This book provides a wide-ranging review of existing writing and research on rural social services...

101 reasons for a Citizen's Income: Arguments for giving everyone some money

101 reasons for a Citizen's Income

Arguments for giving everyone some money

Policy Press (2015)

For anyone new to the subject of Citizen’s Income, or who wants to introduce friends, colleagues or...

Networks, new governance and education
Policy Press (2012)

This topical book uses network analysis and interviews with key actors to address the changes in...

Ethnic identity and inequalities in Britain: The dynamics of diversity
Policy Press (2015)

This important book is the first to offer in-depth analysis from the last three UK population...

Understanding ‘race’ and ethnicity 2e: Theory, history, policy, practice

Understanding ‘race’ and ethnicity 2e (2nd ed.)

Theory, history, policy, practice

This new edition of a widely-respected textbook examines welfare policy and racism, alongside...

Leadership for healthcare
Policy Press (2010)

Having a clear sense of which leadership ideas and practices are rooted in sound theory and...

Social justice and public policy: Seeking fairness in diverse societies

Social justice and public policy

Seeking fairness in diverse societies

Policy Press (2008)

This important book explores the meaning of social justice and examines how it translates into the...

The Europeanisation of social protection
Policy Press (2007)

Through eleven country studies, this book challenges the common view that social protection is...

The Education Debate

Stephen Ball provides a substantive account of current education policy trends and offers a way to...

Systemic action research: A strategy for whole system change

Systemic action research

A strategy for whole system change

Policy Press (2007)

Systemic Action Research explains how systemic thinking works and how it can be embedded into...