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Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs: A frank, up-to-date guide by experts

Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs

A frank, up-to-date guide by experts

NewSouth Publishing (2019)

Everyone has the right to seek asylum under international law, but public discourse in Australia...

Sex in the Brain: How you brain controls your sex life

Sex in the Brain

How you brain controls your sex life

NewSouth Publishing (2019)

What controls our sex lives? Our brains. Yet there is surprisingly little research into the ways our...

Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story

Atomic Thunder

The Maralinga Story

NewSouth Publishing (2016)

In September 2016 it will be 60 years since the first British mushroom cloud rose above the plain at...

Big Coal: Australia's Dirtiest Habit

Big Coal

Australia's Dirtiest Habit

Guy Pearse, David McKnight and 1 more...
NewSouth Publishing (2013)

Australia’s dirtiest habit is its addiction to coal. But is our dependence on it a road to...

What the Frack?: Everything you need to know about coal seam gas

What the Frack?

Everything you need to know about coal seam gas

NewSouth Publishing (2012)

Australia has a new $50 billion industry. It carries unprecedented environmental risks but could be...

Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery

Tamam Shud

The Somerton Man Mystery

NewSouth Publishing (2012)

In 1948 a man was found dead on an Adelaide beach. Well-dressed and unmarked, he had a half-smoked...

The Misogyny Factor
NewSouth Publishing (2013)

In 2012, Anne Summers gave two landmark speeches about women in Australia, attracting more than...

The Story of Australian English
NewSouth Publishing (2015)

The English language arrived in Australia with the first motley bunch of European settlers on 26...

Inside Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials
NewSouth Publishing (2015)

Over ten years after Australia’s first national laws were enacted to combat the threat of...

Why the Future is workless
NewSouth Publishing (2016)

Even as the robots gather on the near horizon this book argues we have choices about the manner in...