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Foundations of Psychotherapy: An Introduction to Individual Therapy

Foundations of Psychotherapy

An Introduction to Individual Therapy

Macmillan Education UK (2017)

This book comprehensively and clearly surveys the major theoretical schools of psychotherapy -...

European Communism: 1848-1991
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

The course of modern European History has been influenced greatly by the challenge of Communism. In...

Doing Political Science and International Relations: Theories in Action
Macmillan Education UK (2011)

This is an ideal introduction for all embarking on a degree in Politics or International Relations....

Ted Hughes
Macmillan Education UK (2014)

This collection of original essays by an international team of Hughes scholars demonstrates afresh...

Transnational Nation: United States History in Global Perspective since 1789

Transnational Nation (2nd ed.)

United States History in Global Perspective since 1789

Macmillan Education UK (2015)

The development of nationalism, movement of peoples, imperialism, industrialization, environmental...

Researching Business and Management
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

The fully updated new edition is perfect for UG and PG students of business & management wishing to...

Political Communication: A Critical Introduction

Political Communication

A Critical Introduction

Macmillan Education UK (2016)

This major international text introduces the key themes, issues and theoretical approaches in the...

Theatre and Voice
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

How can we rethink the importance of voice in performance? How can we understand voice...

Planning Theory
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

In the 3rd edition of the leading introductory textbook to planning theory, Allmendinger provides a...

Studying in English: Strategies for Success in Higher Education

Studying in English (2nd ed.)

Strategies for Success in Higher Education

Hayo Reinders, Linh Phung and 1 more...
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

This easy-to-follow guide is packed with advice for students of English as a second language who are...