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An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology
Springer Netherlands (2012)

Part of the excitement in boundary-layer meteorology is the challenge associated with turbulent flow...

Prediction and Regulation of Air Pollution
Springer Netherlands (2012)

Investigations of atmospheric pollution have recently reached a new stage. In addition to the...

Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation
Springer Netherlands (2010)

Cloud physics has achieved such a voluminous literature over the past few decades that a significant...

Variability of Air Temperature and Atmospheric Precipitation in the Arctic
Springer Netherlands (2006)

It has been known at least since the end of the century that the polar areas play a very important...

Handbook of Micrometeorology: A Guide for Surface Flux Measurement and Analysis

Handbook of Micrometeorology

A Guide for Surface Flux Measurement and Analysis

Xuhui Lee, William Massman and 1 more...
Springer Netherlands (2006)

Micrometeorology is a branch of meteorology that is concerned with atmospheric phenomena and...

Carbonaceous Aerosol
Springer Netherlands (2007)

This monograph provides a unique and comprehensive coverage of the nature and atmospheric role of...

The Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean: Structure, Dynamics and Applications
Springer Netherlands (2006)

Until the 1980s, a tacit agreement among many physical oceanographers was that nothing deserving...

Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere: Chemistry and Physics of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere (3rd ed.)

Chemistry and Physics of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

Springer Netherlands (2006)

Since the Industrial Revolution the chemical composition of the atmosphere has changed at a rate...

Light Absorption in Sea Water
Springer New York (2007)

This book provides a detailed description of light absorption and absorbents in seawaters with...

Cloud Optics
Springer Netherlands (2006)

Clouds affect the climate of the Earth, and they are an important factor in the weather. Therefore,...