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Intellectual Property at the Edge: The Contested Contours of IP
Cambridge University Press (2014)

Intellectual Property at the Edge exposes and analyses newly emerging intellectual property rights...

Emerging Challenges in Privacy Law: Comparative Perspectives

Emerging Challenges in Privacy Law

Comparative Perspectives

Cambridge University Press (2014)

Prominent privacy law experts, regulators and academics examine contemporary legal approaches to...

Internet Privacy Rights: Rights to Protect Autonomy

Internet Privacy Rights

Rights to Protect Autonomy

Cambridge University Press (2014)

What rights to privacy do we have on the internet, and how can we make them real?

Intellectual Property, Indigenous People and their Knowledge
Cambridge University Press (2014)

Drawing on ancestral cosmology of Australia's indigenous people, this book develops a theory of...

The Evolution and Equilibrium of Copyright in the Digital Age
Cambridge University Press (2014)

Examines how copyright can evolve without compromising the interests of authors, users and those who...

Law and Creativity in the Age of the Entertainment Franchise
Cambridge University Press (2014)

This collection explores how creators extend the commercial life of their creative endeavours, and...

The British Patent System during the Industrial Revolution 1700–1852: From Privilege to Property
Cambridge University Press (2014)

A fundamental reassessment of the contribution of patenting to British industrialisation during the...

Test Tubes for Global Intellectual Property Issues: Small Market Economies
Cambridge University Press (2015)

Susy Frankel uses examples of small market economies to provide a unique insight on global...

Media Freedom as a Fundamental Right
Cambridge University Press (2015)

Jan Oster develops a coherent theoretical and doctrinal framework for the scope, content and...

International Copyright and Access to Knowledge
Cambridge University Press (2016)

A history of international copyright focusing on principles of access to knowledge (A2K) and the A2K...