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Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch

Holy Scripture

A Dogmatic Sketch

Cambridge University Press (2003)

A re-understanding of the special character of Scripture outside of mere textual and historical...

The Just War Revisited
Cambridge University Press (2003)

Leading political theologian Oliver O'Donovan takes a fresh look at traditional moral arguments...

Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies?
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Murphy addresses human uniqueness, religious experience, and personal identity before and after...

Christ and Horrors: The Coherence of Christology

Christ and Horrors

The Coherence of Christology

Cambridge University Press (2006)

A systematic Christology that is at once biblical and philosophical, focusing on Christ as...

Divinity and Humanity: The Incarnation Reconsidered

Divinity and Humanity

The Incarnation Reconsidered

Cambridge University Press (2007)

Oliver Crisp addresses the doctrine of Incarnation, a much-debated topic in modern Christian...

The Eucharist and Ecumenism: Let Us Keep the Feast
Cambridge University Press (2008)

In this book, George Hunsinger explores how churches might overcome key theological obstacles to...

Christ the Key
Cambridge University Press (2009)

An innovative Christ-centered theology exploring the centrality of Christ for Christian thought and...

Theology without Metaphysics: God, Language, and the Spirit of Recognition

Theology without Metaphysics

God, Language, and the Spirit of Recognition

Cambridge University Press (2011)

Introduces a novel approach to post-metaphysical theology, developing an alternative account of...

Reconsidering John Calvin
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Places Calvin in conversation with theologians such as Barth and Kierkegaard and reconsiders his...

An Incarnational Model of the Eucharist
Cambridge University Press (2018)

Updates a neglected incarnational motif with contemporary conceptual resources to propose a novel...