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Habitat Suitability and Distribution Models: With Applications in R
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This book introduces key stages of niche-based habitat suitability model building, evaluation and...

Mapping Species Distributions: Spatial Inference and Prediction

Mapping Species Distributions

Spatial Inference and Prediction

Cambridge University Press (2010)

A comprehensive summary of species distribution modeling methods integrating ecological and...

Risks and Decisions for Conservation and Environmental Management
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Describes how to conduct a complete environmental risk assessment for students, researchers and...

The Ecology of Phytoplankton
Cambridge University Press (2006)

A synthesis of current understanding of the adaptations, physiology and population dynamics of...

Biodiversity in Dead Wood
Cambridge University Press (2012)

A comprehensive overview of wood-inhabiting fungi, insects and vertebrates, discussing habitat...

Biodiversity in Environmental Assessment: Enhancing Ecosystem Services for Human Well-Being

Biodiversity in Environmental Assessment

Enhancing Ecosystem Services for Human Well-Being

Roel Slootweg, Asha Rajvanshi and 2 more...
Cambridge University Press (2009)

First of its kind and unique in its blend of theoretical and practical approaches for mainstreaming...

Birds and Climate Change: Impacts and Conservation Responses

Birds and Climate Change

Impacts and Conservation Responses

Cambridge University Press (2014)

A critical synthesis of the impacts of climate change on birds, examining potential future effects...

Ecology and Control of Introduced Plants
Cambridge University Press (2003)

This 2003 book discusses the impact of introduced plant species on native ecosystems and methods of...

Nonequilibrium Ecology
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Presents evidence to contradict the assumption of the 'balance of nature'.

Marine Protected Areas: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Marine Protected Areas

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Cambridge University Press (2011)

Provides regional and global perspectives on the role of Marine Protected Areas in the restoration...