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The texts within the Hackett Classics series encompass both literary classics and non-fiction philosophical, historical and political academic discourse. It includes full-length texts, as well as anthologies of shorter texts such as poems and famous letters. Intended for use in contemporary study, many of the editions in this series are modern translations of original novels and plays, such as the works of Plato and Euripides. These translations render the dense language of the past accessible to modern students, while still staying true to the original texts. Detailed accompanying footnotes also contribute to this comprehensible style, as well as expert introductions, analysis of important quotes, and glossaries of terms.

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Jazz from Socialist Realism to Postmodernism
Peter Lang (2016)

In the 20th century, jazz was an important artistic form. Depending on the particular European...

Meanings of Jazz in State Socialism
Peter Lang (2015)

During the Cold War, jazz became a cultural weapon that was employed by both sides to advance their...

Jazz in der DDR und Polen: Geschichte eines transatlantischen Transfers

Jazz in der DDR und Polen

Geschichte eines transatlantischen Transfers

Peter Lang (2015)

Christian Schmidt-Rost vergleicht die Jazzszenen in der DDR und Polen und beschäftigt sich mit den...

Jazz in Poland: Improvised Freedom

Jazz in Poland

Improvised Freedom

Peter Lang (2014)

This book studies the different roles that jazz played in Poland in the course of the 20 th ...

Jazz unter Kontrolle des Systems: Die Entwicklung des Jazz in der DDR nach dem Mauerbau

Jazz unter Kontrolle des Systems

Die Entwicklung des Jazz in der DDR nach dem Mauerbau

Peter Lang (2020)

Die Studie beschäftigt sich mit der Entwicklung des Jazz in der DDR und beleuchtet den Zeitraum vom...