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Set Theory, Arithmetic, and Foundations of Mathematics: Theorems, Philosophies
Cambridge University Press (2011)

A collection of remarkable papers from various areas of mathematical logic, written by outstanding...

A Course in Model Theory
Cambridge University Press (2012)

Concise introduction to current topics in model theory, including simple and stable theories.

Quantifiers, Propositions and Identity: Admissible Semantics for Quantified Modal and Substructural Logics

Quantifiers, Propositions and Identity

Admissible Semantics for Quantified Modal and Substructural Logics

Cambridge University Press (2011)

Develops new semantical characterisations of many logical systems with quantification that are...

Simple Theories and Hyperimaginaries
Cambridge University Press (2011)

This book is a self-contained, up-to-date introduction to simple theories and the model theory of...

Wadge Degrees and Projective Ordinals: The Cabal Seminar, Volume II

Wadge Degrees and Projective Ordinals

The Cabal Seminar, Volume II

Cambridge University Press (2011)

The most seminal collection of papers of descriptive set theory reprinted and put into the modern...

Descriptive Set Theory and Forcing: How to Prove Theorems about Borel Sets the Hard Way

Descriptive Set Theory and Forcing

How to Prove Theorems about Borel Sets the Hard Way

Cambridge University Press (2017)

These notes develop the theory of descriptive sets, leading up to a new proof of Louveau's...

Logic Colloquium 2005
Cambridge University Press (2007)

This 2007 volume includes surveys, tutorials, and selected research papers on advances in logic.

Games, Scales and Suslin Cardinals: The Cabal Seminar, Volume I

Games, Scales and Suslin Cardinals

The Cabal Seminar, Volume I

Cambridge University Press (2008)

Presents seminal papers from the Caltech-UCLA 'Cabal Seminar', unpublished material, and related new...

Logic Colloquium 2006
Cambridge University Press (2009)

The 2006 proceedings from the Annual European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, also...

A Framework for Priority Arguments
Cambridge University Press (2010)

This book presents a unifying framework for using priority arguments to prove theorems in...