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Monastic Spaces and their Meanings: Thirteenth-century English Cistercian Monasteries

Monastic Spaces and their Meanings

Thirteenth-century English Cistercian Monasteries

Brepols Publishers (2001)

This monograph focuses on the abbeys of northern England during the period 1132-1400 (Fountains,...

Narratives of a New Order: . Cistercian Historical Writing in England, 1150-1220

Narratives of a New Order

. Cistercian Historical Writing in England, 1150-1220

Brepols Publishers (2002)

The author examines the classic genre for inventing a past, argueing that historical narratives of...

The Study of the Bible in the Carolingian Era
Brepols Publishers (2003)

This volume draws on recent scholarship which challenges the fifty-year old assessment by Beryl...