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The Pragmatics of Politeness
Oxford University Press (2014)

This readable book presents a new general theoretical understanding of politeness. It offers an...

Therapeutic Ways with Words
Oxford University Press (1994)

Therapeutic Ways with Words provides a unique glimpse into language use in psychotherapy, an...

Prescribing under Pressure: Parent-Physician Conversations and Antibiotics

Prescribing under Pressure

Parent-Physician Conversations and Antibiotics

Oxford University Press (2007)

Antibiotics will soon no longer cure many illnesses due to escalating bacterial resistance. Still,...

Stance: Sociolinguistic Perspectives


Sociolinguistic Perspectives

Oxford University Press (2009)

Stancetaking-or speaker positioning-is central to communication. This collected volume explores...

The Discourse of Classified Advertising: Exploring the Nature of Linguistic Simplicity

The Discourse of Classified Advertising

Exploring the Nature of Linguistic Simplicity

Oxford University Press (1996)

Linguists who have studied simplified varieties of a given language, such as pidgins or the language...

Whales, Candlelight, and Stuff Like That: General Extenders in English Discourse

Whales, Candlelight, and Stuff Like That

General Extenders in English Discourse

Oxford University Press (2000)

This innovative work provides the first comprehensive account of general extenders ("or something,"...

Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Register
Oxford University Press (1994)

This collection brings together several perspectives on language varieties defined according to...

Claiming Power in Doctor-Patient Talk
Oxford University Press (1998)

Nancy Ainsworth-Vaughn studied stories, topic control, "true" questions, and rhetorical questions in...

Language in Time: The Rhythm and Tempo of Spoken Interaction

Language in Time

The Rhythm and Tempo of Spoken Interaction

Oxford University Press (1999)

The authors here promote the reintroduction of temporality into the description and analysis of...

Queerly Phrased: Language, Gender, and Sexuality

Queerly Phrased

Language, Gender, and Sexuality

Oxford University Press (1997)

This pioneering collection of previously unpublished articles on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and...