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Collected Poems
Penguin Books Ltd (2005)

The centenary of Patrick Kavanagh's birth in 2004 provides the ideal opportunity to reappraise one...

The Mask of Dimitrios
Penguin Books Ltd (2009)

'Not Le Carré, not Deighton, not Ludlum have surpassed the intelligence, authenticity or engrossing...

Writings on Irish Folklore, Legend and Myth
Penguin Books Ltd (1993)

This collection brings together all of W. B. Yeats’s published prose writings on Irish folklore,...

The Mersey Sound: Restored 50th Anniversary Edition

The Mersey Sound

Restored 50th Anniversary Edition

Adrian Henri, Brian Patten and 1 more...
Penguin Books Ltd (2007)

'The Mersey Sound is an attempt to introduce contemporary poetry to the general reader by...

On the Road: The Original Scroll: The Original Scroll

On the Road: The Original Scroll

The Original Scroll

Jack Kerouac, Howard Cunnell and 3 more...
Penguin Books Ltd (2011)

The legendary 1951 scroll draft of On the Road , published word for word as Kerouac originally...

In Search of Lost Time: The Prisoner and the Fugitive

In Search of Lost Time

The Prisoner and the Fugitive

Penguin Books Ltd (2003)

Since the original, prewar translation there has been no completely new rendering of the French...

Thousand Cranes
Penguin Books Ltd (2011)

Kikuji has been invited to a tea ceremony by a mistress of his dead father. He is shocked to find...

The Big Sleep and Other Novels
Penguin Books Ltd (2000)

Raymond Chandler was America's preeminent writer of detective fiction, and this Penguin Modern...

The Orwell Diaries
Penguin Books Ltd (2010)

George Orwell was an inveterate keeper of diaries. The Orwell Diaries presents eleven of them,...

The Complete Short Stories
Penguin Books Ltd (2000)

Saki is perhaps the most graceful spokesman for England's 'Golden Afternoon' - the slow and peaceful...