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Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics
Cambridge University Press (2012)

This textbook is an introduction to econometrics from the Bayesian viewpoint. The second edition...

Mathematical Methods and Models for Economists
Cambridge University Press (2000)

A textbook for a first-year PhD course in mathematics for economists and a reference for graduate...

Modeling Aggregate Behavior and Fluctuations in Economics: Stochastic Views of Interacting Agents
Cambridge University Press (2001)

This book analyses how a large but finite number of agents interact and what statistical...

Stated Choice Methods: Analysis and Applications

Stated Choice Methods

Analysis and Applications

Cambridge University Press (2000)

A multidisciplinary graduate and practitioner guide, first published in 2000, which offers the...

Data Envelopment Analysis: Theory and Techniques for Economics and Operations Research

Data Envelopment Analysis

Theory and Techniques for Economics and Operations Research

Cambridge University Press (2004)

This book, first published in 2004, explores data envelopment analysis, which measures firms'...

Modeling Ordered Choices: A Primer
Cambridge University Press (2010)

A synthesis of developments in ordered choice modeling over the past fifty years.

An Information Theoretic Approach to Econometrics
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Intended to provide the reader with a firm conceptual and empirical understanding of basic...

Applied Nonparametric Econometrics
Cambridge University Press (2015)

Bridging the gap between applied economists and theoretical nonparametric econometricians, this book...

Mathematical Foundations of Infinite-Dimensional Statistical Models
Cambridge University Press (2015)

This book develops the theory of statistical inference in statistical models with an...

Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra: Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares
Cambridge University Press (2018)

A groundbreaking introduction to vectors, matrices, and least squares for engineering applications,...