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Essays in Econometrics: Volume 1, Spectral Analysis, Seasonality, Nonlinearity, Methodology, and Forecasting: Collected Papers of Clive W. J. Granger
Cambridge University Press (2001)

These are econometrician Clive W. J. Granger's major essays in spectral analysis, seasonality,...

Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Volume 1: Theory and Applications, Eighth World Congress

Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Volume 1

Theory and Applications, Eighth World Congress

Cambridge University Press (2003)

This volume contains recent surveys of the most important topics in economics.

Empirical Modeling in Economics: Specification and Evaluation
Cambridge University Press (1999)

Lucid account of the process of constructing and evaluating an empirical model.

Statistics, Econometrics and Forecasting
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Analysis and appreciation of the structural econometric, time series analysis approach to...

Nonparametric Econometrics
Cambridge University Press (1999)

This book systematically and thoroughly covers a vast literature on the nonparametric and...

Unit Roots, Cointegration, and Structural Change
Cambridge University Press (1999)

A comprehensive review of unit roots, cointegration and structural change from a best-selling...

Forecasting, Structural Time Series Models and the Kalman Filter
Cambridge University Press (1990)

This book is concerned with modelling economic and social time series and with addressing the...

Structural Vector Autoregressive Analysis
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This book discusses the econometric foundations of structural vector autoregressive modeling, as...

A First Course in Quantitative Finance
Cambridge University Press (2018)

Using stereoscopic images and other novel pedagogical features, this book offers a comprehensive...

Quantitative Financial Economics: Stocks, Bonds and Foreign Exchange

Quantitative Financial Economics (2nd ed.)

Stocks, Bonds and Foreign Exchange

This new edition of the hugely successful Quantitative Financial Economics has been revised and...