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Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes: Understanding Theory and Application
Wiley (2011)

A concise, visually based introduction to graphic design methodologies Graphic design has emerged...

Geometric Symmetry in Patterns and Tilings
Elsevier Science (2000)

This book encompasses a wide range of mathematical concepts relating to regularly repeating surface...

The World of Patterns
World Scientific Publishing Company (2001)

This collection of tiling patterns contains over 4,000 images combining the wonders of art and...

Books, Books, Books: A Treasury of Clip Art: A Treasury of Clip Art
ABC-CLIO (1995)

This beautiful collection of copyright-free clip art-all on the subject of books-can be used in...

Devil's Rope: A Cultural History of Barbed Wire

Devil's Rope

A Cultural History of Barbed Wire

Reaktion Books (2004)

In this book, Alan Krell investigates the place barbed wire holds in the social imagination.

Access for All: Approaches to the Built Environment

Access for All

Approaches to the Built Environment

Birkhäuser (2009)

Access and accessibility are central themes in architecture and urbanism. The goal is to make...

Chroma: Design, Architecture and Art in Color


Design, Architecture and Art in Color

Birkhäuser (2009)

Designer und Architekten müssen täglich über Farben entscheiden. Aber wie findet man die wegweisende...