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Design Integrations: Research and Collaboration: Design Integrations
Intellect Books Ltd (2009)

Design is changing, and to educate the next generation of designers, these changes need to be...

Havana Street Style
Intellect Books Ltd (2014)

When it comes to fashion, few metropolitan areas are more synonymous with style than New York,...

Style and Creativity in Design
Springer International Publishing (2015)

This book looks at causative reasons behind creative acts and stylistic expressions. It explores how...

Arts & Crafts
Parkstone International (2012)

„Bewahren Sie nichts in Ihren Häusern auf, was Sie nicht als nützlich erachten oder wirklich schön...

Le Mouvement Arts & Crafts
Parkstone International (2012)

« N’ayez rien dans vos maisons que vous ne considérez pas utile ou croyez être beau. »Cette citation...

The Arts & Crafts Movement
Parkstone International (2012)

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” This...

Les Arts decoratifs
Parkstone International (2012)

Du Moyen Âge à l'Époque contemporaine, l'art décoratif peut être défini par les matériaux, le design...

1000 Chef-d'œuvre des Arts décoratifs
Parkstone International (2014)

Des poteries sumériennes antiques aux verres teintés de Tiffany, les arts décoratifs constituent une...

Devil's Rope: A Cultural History of Barbed Wire

Devil's Rope

A Cultural History of Barbed Wire

Reaktion Books (2004)

In this book, Alan Krell investigates the place barbed wire holds in the social imagination.

Designing Modern Germany
Reaktion Books (2009)

German design and architecture reflects the country’s rich and fraught political history in its...