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How to Sparkle at Addition and Subtraction to 20
Andrews UK (2010)

How to Sparkle at Addition and Subtraction to 20 contains 40 photocopiable illustrated worksheets....

Multiplication Tables and Flashcards: Times Tables for Children
Andrews UK (2013)

Despite living in the age of calculators, smartphones and computers, it is still important for...

Solving Word Problems for Life, Grades 3-5
ABC-CLIO (2005)

Word problems can be especially difficult for elementary students. This resource provides busy...

Shopping in the City: Subtraction Facts
Shell Education (2010)

The city is a big and busy place with a lot of people and places to eat and shop. Discover the many...

Let's Play!: Subtraction Facts

Let's Play!

Subtraction Facts

Shell Education (2010)

Did you know that you use subtraction when you play games? Everything from picking a winning team,...

A Mountain of Trash: Addition Facts
Shell Education (2010)

Have you ever wondered where your trash goes after it is picked up? Did you know that leaves and...

What Is in the Attic: Introducing Division

What Is in the Attic

Introducing Division

Shell Education (2010)

The kids in this book are spending some time at their grandparents’ house. They are helping...