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Numbers on the Move
Temple University Press (2011)

"Move with the numbers, count to the beat. Clap your hands. Tap your feet. Count one two three four,...

Ten Blue Wrens: And What A Lot Of Wattle!

Ten Blue Wrens

And What A Lot Of Wattle!

Allen & Unwin (2011)

A playful, irreverent counting book that celebrates the special things we know and love about...

Seaside Numbers

Seaside Numbers is a beautifully illustrated children's book by well-known author Suzy-Jane...

Vegetation Dynamics on the Mountains and Plateaus of the American Southwest
Springer Netherlands (2013)

Covering spruce-fir, mixed conifer and ponderosa pine forests, pinyon-juniper vegetation,...

Celebrate 100 Days: Counting
Shell Education (2010)

Are you learning how to count to 100? The students in this book are learning how, too. Their teacher...

Party Time: Counting
Shell Education (2010)

Do you like birthday parties? The children in this book are planning their birthday party. They need...

Los hogares de los animales (Animal Homes)
Shell Education (2010)

Every animal has a home, just like you do. Each home is unique. Read this book to see where all the...

Vorgehensweisen von Grundschulkindern beim Darstellungswechsel: Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Multiplikation im 2. Schuljahr

Vorgehensweisen von Grundschulkindern beim Darstellungswechsel

Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Multiplikation im 2. Schuljahr

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden (2013)

​Die Fähigkeit, verschiedene Darstellungsformen zu nutzen und zwischen ihnen zu wechseln, ist in den...

Looking at Numbers
Springer Basel (2013)

Everyone talks about the beauty of mathematics, but almost no one observes that this beauty is...