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Nuclear Methods and Nuclear Equation of State
World Scientific Publishing Company (1999)

The theoretical study of the nuclear equation of state (EOS) is a field of research which deals with...

Strong and Electroweak Matter 2004: Proceedings of the Sewm2004 Meeting

Strong and Electroweak Matter 2004

Proceedings of the Sewm2004 Meeting

World Scientific Publishing Company (2005)

This volume presents an authoritative review of the physics of strongly and electroweakly...

Quark-gluon Plasma
World Scientific Publishing Company (1990)

This volume contains 14 review articles on the theory and phenomenology of the creation and...

Quark-Gluon Plasma 3
World Scientific Publishing Company (2004)

This is a review monograph on quark–gluon plasma (QGP). Different theoretical and...

Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

Quantum phenomena are ubiquitous in complex molecular systems - as revealed by many experimental...

Nuclear Shapes and Nuclear Structure at Low Excitation Energies
Springer US (2012)

Proceedings of a NATO ARW held in Cargese, France, June 3-7, 1991

Nuclear Notes
CSIS Reports Series (Volume 4)
Center for Strategic & International Studies (2014)

Nuclear Notes is a publication of the CSIS Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) featuring innovative...