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Introduction to Quantum Optics: From Light Quanta to Quantum Teleportation

Introduction to Quantum Optics

From Light Quanta to Quantum Teleportation

Cambridge University Press (2004)

This textbook provides a physical understanding of what photons are and of their properties and...

Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell
Princeton University Press (2008)

Covering the fundamentals as well as many special topics of current interest, this is the most...

The Nature of Light: What is a Photon?

The Nature of Light

What is a Photon?

CRC Press (2017)

Focusing on the unresolved debate between Newton and Huygens from 300 years ago, The Nature of...

Optical Angular Momentum
CRC Press (2016)

Spin angular momentum of photons and the associated polarization of light has been known for many...

Advanced Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Techniques
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2005)

In 1984 Desmond O’Connor and David Phillips published their comprehensive book „Time-correlated...

Photonic Crystals: Towards Nanoscale Photonic Devices

Photonic Crystals (2nd ed.)

Towards Nanoscale Photonic Devices

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

Just like the periodical crystalline potential in solid-state crystals determines their properties...

Scattering of Photons by Many-Electron Systems
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)

The quantum physics of photon scattering processes in atoms, atomic ions and simple molecules, are...

Photon-based Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology
Springer Netherlands (2007)

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Photon-based Nanoscience and Technology: from...

Brilliant Light in Life and Material Sciences
Springer Netherlands (2007)

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Brilliant Light Facilities and Research in...

Photonic Crystals: Physics and Technology
Springer Milan (2009)

This text is an overview of photonic crystal activity developed in the frame of COST P11 action. It...