Symmetry (Physics)

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Aspects of Symmetry: Selected Erice Lectures

Aspects of Symmetry

Selected Erice Lectures

Cambridge University Press (1988)

For almost two decades, Sidney Coleman has been giving review lectures on frontier topics in...

Dynamical Gauge Symmetry Breaking: A Collection of Reprints
World Scientific Publishing Company (1982)

This book is a collection of original papers on dynamical gauge symmetry breaking, and is intended...

Applied N=1 Supergravity
World Scientific Publishing Company (1984)

These lectures give an elementary introduction to the important recent developments of the...

Origin of Symmetries
World Scientific Publishing Company (1991)

The development in our understanding of symmetry principles is reviewed. Many symmetries, such as...

Symmetries in Science VII: Spectrum-Generating Algebras and Dynamic Symmetries in Physics

Symmetries in Science VII

Spectrum-Generating Algebras and Dynamic Symmetries in Physics

Springer US (2012)

Proceedings of a symposium held in Nakajo, Niigata, Japan, August 28-31, 1992