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Handbook Timing Belts: Principles, Calculations, Applications

Handbook Timing Belts

Principles, Calculations, Applications

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

Based on his years of work experience, the author develops concise guidelines for the dimensioning...

Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision
Cambridge University Press (2004)

How to reconstruct scenes from images using geometry and algebra, with applications to computer...

Systems Engineering Principles and Practice

The first edition of this unique interdisciplinary guide has become the foundational systems...

Human Factors and Behavioural Safety
CRC Press (2007)

Accidents and cases of occupational ill-health are commonly associated with aspects of human...

Modulation Transfer Function in Optical and Electro-Optical Systems
SPIE (2001)

This tutorial introduces the theory and applications of MTF, used to specify the image quality...

The Civil Engineering Handbook
CRC Press (2002)

First published in 1995, the award-winning Civil Engineering Handbook soon became known as the...

Geometric Partial Differential Equations and Image Analysis
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Applications covered include image segmentation, shape analysis, image enhancement, and tracking.

Field Guide to Infrared Systems, Detectors, and FPAs
SPIE (2011)

This second edition is written to clarify and summarize the theoretical principles of infrared...

Field Guide to Optical Fiber Technology
SPIE (2010)

This Field Guide describes many different types of fibers and their properties, as well as presents...

Field Guide to Adaptive Optics
Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) (2012)

This SPIE Field Guide provides a summary of the methods for determining the requirements of an...