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An Introduction to Composite Materials
Cambridge University Press (1996)

An updated edition of a textbook on composite materials for undergraduates researchers in materials...

Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A balanced mechanics-materials approach to mechanical behavior that now also covers biomaterials and...

Principles of Nano-Optics
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Comprehensive 2006 graduate textbook providing an overview of theoretical and experimental methods...

Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain
McGraw-Hill Education (2001)

Solutions-based approach to quick calculations in structural element design and analysis Now...

Thin Film Materials: Stress, Defect Formation and Surface Evolution

Thin Film Materials

Stress, Defect Formation and Surface Evolution

Cambridge University Press (2004)

This graduate textbook provides a comprehensive coverage of the mechanical properties of thin films,...

Carbon Nanotube Science: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Carbon Nanotube Science

Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Cambridge University Press (2009)

Provides coverage of all of the important aspects of carbon nanotube research, including synthesis,...

Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Cambridge University Press (2005)

This mechanical behavior of materials text includes numerous examples and problems and emphasizes...

Plasticity and Geomechanics
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A concise introduction to the subject of plasticity with emphasis on applications in geomechanics.

Materials Science: An Intermediate Text

Materials Science

An Intermediate Text

Cambridge University Press (2006)

An exciting textbook, suitable for intermediate to advanced courses in materials science.

Fatigue of Materials
Cambridge University Press (1998)

Second edition of successful materials science text for final year undergraduate and graduate...