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Environmental Sensing: Analytical Techniques for Earth Observation

Environmental Sensing

Analytical Techniques for Earth Observation

Springer New York (2011)

This book introduces the scope and method of remote sensing within the context of environmental...

Atmospheric Acoustic Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications
CRC Press (2007)

Sonic Detection and Ranging (SODAR) systems and Radio Acoustic Sounding Systems (RASS) use sound...

Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences
Wiley (2009)

3D surface representation has long been a source of information describing surface character and...

Atmospheric Ultraviolet Remote Sensing
Elsevier Science (1992)

This book is an introduction to the use of the ultraviolet for remote sensing of the Earth's...

Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing: Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications

Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing

Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications

CRC Press (2011)

Generating a satisfactory classification image from remote sensing data is not a straightforward...

Environmental Remote Sensing and Systems Analysis
CRC Press (2012)

Using a systems analysis approach and extensive case studies, Environmental Remote Sensing and...

Applied Remote Sensing for Urban Planning, Governance and Sustainability
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

Despite the promising and exciting possibilities presented by new and fast-developing remote sensing...

Imaging Spectrometry -- a Tool for Environmental Observations
Springer Netherlands (2007)

Based on the lectures given during the Eurocourse on `Imaging Spectrometry -- a Tool for...

Geospatial Technologies in Environmental Management
Springer Netherlands (2010)

This book explores approaches and applications of geospatial technologies to understand the impacts...