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Professional Cake Decorating
Wiley (2007)

Everything you need to create stunning cake decorations Cake decorating is an art with specific...

Big, Soft, Chewy Cookies

Newly revised, this bestseller now boasts even more to chew on with 25 additional recipes for...

Delicious Desserts When You Have Diabetes: Over 150 Recipes
Wiley (2003)

How to prepare and enjoy delightful desserts when you have diabetes People with diabetes often...

Canning and Preserving For Dummies
Wiley (2009)

Everything you need to know to can and preserve your own food With the cost of living continuing...

Dessert FourPlay: Sweet Quartets from a Four-Star Pastry Chef

Dessert FourPlay

Sweet Quartets from a Four-Star Pastry Chef

Consider the strawberry: its familiar flavor and texture; its fresh, sweet smell. Now imagine the...

Great Old-Fashioned American Desserts

Cooking expert Beatrice Ojakangas has researched original sources from across the country to...

Sweet Invention: A History of Dessert

Sweet Invention

A History of Dessert


A social, cultural, and—above all—culinary history of dessert, Sweet Invention explores the world’s...