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Antarctica and Back in Sixty Days
Allen & Unwin (1999)

Tim Bowden's account of his journeys to the Antarctic combine adventure, exploration, social...

Quantitative Geography: Perspectives on Spatial Data Analysis

Quantitative Geography

Perspectives on Spatial Data Analysis

SAGE Publications (2000)

Integrating a discussion of the application of quantitative methods with practical examples, this...

Qualitative GIS: A Mixed Methods Approach

Qualitative GIS

A Mixed Methods Approach

SAGE Publications (2009)

Cutting edge explanation of and guide to the recent integration of qualitative research and mixed...

The SAGE Handbook of Spatial Analysis
SAGE Publications (2008)

This Handbook is designed to highlight current issues and techniques in spatial data analysis as...

Bangkok Sights: a travel guide to the top 25+ attractions in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Sights

a travel guide to the top 25+ attractions in Bangkok, Thailand (2011)

This illustrated Travel Guide is a part of the Mobi Sights series, our concise guides that only...

Spatial Databases: With Application to GIS

Spatial Databases (2nd ed.)

With Application to GIS

Spatial Databases is the first unified, in-depth treatment of special techniques for dealing with...

GIS And Health: GISDATA 6
CRC Press (1998)

The potential users of GIS for health related analysis and applications are legion. In this edited...

Interoperable and Distributed Processing in GIS
CRC Press (1998)

This text shows how the principles and technologies of object-oriented programming, distributed...

Developing Spatial Data Infrastructures: From Concept to Reality
CRC Press (2003)

Expert perspectives on SDI theory and practice The spatial data infrastructure (SDI) concept...

Interpreting Remote Sensing Imagery: Human Factors
CRC Press (2019)

No matter how advanced the technology, there is always the human factor involved - the power behind...