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Tourism Supply Chain Management
Taylor and Francis (2011)

Fierce global competition in the tourism industry is now focused on integral parts of supply chains...

Development and Management of Visitor Attractions
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Now in its second edition, the successful 'Development and Management of Visitor Attractions' has...

Whatever You Do, Don't Run: My Adventures as a Botswana Safari Guide

Whatever You Do, Don't Run

My Adventures as a Botswana Safari Guide

Allen & Unwin (2007)

The warm, funny and utterly engaging true story of a young Aussie safari guide who has spent the...

Portofino, Rapallo, the Cinqueterre & Beyond
Hunter Publishing (2009)

A detailed guide to every aspect of the destination: history, culture, foods, restaurants, hotels,...

The Tourist Gaze 3.0

A fully revised edition of a seminal text from a world class authority in tourism. Each chapter has...

The Great American Wilderness: Touring America's National Parks

The Great American Wilderness

Touring America's National Parks

Hunter Publishing (2000)

One of America's greatest treasures is the diverse beauty that nature has bestowed upon its...

How to Brand Nations, Cities and Destinations: A Planning Book for Place Branding
Palgrave Macmillan (2008)

Usually, a country brand is not focused, resulting in unsuccessful place branding. It is possible to...

Behind the Smile: The Working Lives of Caribbean Tourism

Behind the Smile

The Working Lives of Caribbean Tourism

Indiana University Press (2003)

Behind the Smile is an inside look at the world of Caribbean tourism as seen through...

Travel Writing
Taylor and Francis (2011)

An increasingly popular genre – addressing issues of empire, colonialism, post-colonialism,...

The Management of Tourism
SAGE Publications (2004)

Going beyond a conceptual discussion of tourism, this textbook covers management perspectives both...