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The Essential Galileo

Finocchiaro's new and revised translations have done what the Inquisition could not: they have...

The Prince

Classic, Renaissance-era guide to acquiring and maintaining political power. Today, nearly 500 years...

Caetana Says No: Women's Stories from a Brazilian Slave Society

Caetana Says No

Women's Stories from a Brazilian Slave Society


This 2002 book presents the account of two nineteenth-century Brazilian women struggle to lead a...

Ambivalent Conquests: Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517–1570

Ambivalent Conquests (2nd ed.)

Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517–1570


A study of Mayan conversion in sixteenth-century Yucatan.

Humanitarian Intervention: A History

A pioneering account of responses to oppression, persecution and mass atrocities from the sixteenth...

The Prince

Il Principe ( The Prince ) is the famous text by Florentine public servant Niccolo Machiavelli, in...

The Renaissance: Studies of Art and Poetry

The Renaissance

Studies of Art and Poetry


The era now referred to as the Renaissance represented an unparalleled blossoming of art and...

Traitors of the Tower
Random House (2010)

More than four hundred years ago, seven people were beheaded in the Tower of London. Three had been...

The Spanish Inquisition, 1478-1614: An Anthology of Sources

This collection of previously untranslated court documents, testimonials, and letters portrays the...

The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History

In 1633 the Roman Inquisition concluded the trial of Galileo Galilei with a condemnation for heresy....