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Handbook of Research on Global Corporate Citizenship
Edward Elgar Publishing (2008)

Identifies and fosters interdisciplinary research on corporate citizenship and provides a framework...

An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship: Voices, Preconditions, Contexts

An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Voices, Preconditions, Contexts

Edward Elgar Publishing (2009)

Starting with contributions from social entrepreneurs and innovators, this anthology describes the...

Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship
Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

This timely Handbook provides an empirically rigorous overview of the latest research advances on...

The Strategic Value of Social Capital: How Firms Capitalize on Social Assets

The Strategic Value of Social Capital

How Firms Capitalize on Social Assets

Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

This groundbreaking book explores whether, how and why firms may generate value from social assets....

Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries: No Free Ride
Palgrave Macmillan (2013)

No Free Ride provides a clear picture of where impact enterprises are, where they need to go, who...

Corporate Social Responsibility Across Europe
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2005)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important topic in our global...

In Good Company: An Anatomy of Corporate Social Responsibility

In Good Company

An Anatomy of Corporate Social Responsibility

Stanford University Press (2011)

In Good Company chronicles a transnational mining corporation's pursuit of corporate social...

Women's Labor in the Global Economy: Speaking in Multiple Voices
Rutgers University Press (2007)

Globalization is not a new phenomenon; women throughout the world have been dealing with the...

Revenue Management for Service Organizations
Business Expert Press (2011)

This book places revenue management at the forefront of management accounting with cost management...

Corporate Social Responsibility in India
SAGE Publications (2008)

Corporate Social Responsibility in India is arguably the first comprehensive, well-researched book...