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Calculus Reordered: A History of the Big Ideas

Calculus Reordered

A History of the Big Ideas

Princeton University Press (2019)

How our understanding of calculus has evolved over more than three centuries, how this has shaped...

A Concise History of Mathematics for Philosophers
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Presents the outline of mathematics and its history, with particular emphasis on events that shook...

Categories for the Working Philosopher
OUP Oxford (2017)

This is the first volume on category theory for a broad philosophical readership. It is designed to...

Category Theory
OUP Oxford (2010)

A comprehensive reference to category theory for students and researchers in mathematics, computer...

Philosophy and Model Theory
OUP Oxford (2018)

Model theory is an important area of mathematical logic which has deep philosophical roots, many...

Cambridge University Press (2009)

Written by one of the preeminent researchers in the field, this provides a comprehensive exposition...

Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis
Cambridge University Press (2016)

This book introduces prime numbers and explains the famous unsolved Riemann hypothesis.

Chaos: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2007)

Chaos exists in systems all around us. Even the simplest system can be subject to chaos, denying us...

The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind

The Non-Local Universe

The New Physics and Matters of the Mind

Oxford University Press (2001)

Classical physics states that physical reality is local--a point in space cannot influence another...

Computability and Logic
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Computability and Logic is a classic because of its accessibility to students without a mathematical...