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Heat Transfer
Cambridge University Press (2008)

This textbook provides engineers with the capability, tools and confidence to solve real-world heat...

Extended Surface Heat Transfer
Wiley (2002)

A much-needed reference focusing on the theory, design, and applications of a broad range of surface...

Heat Pipes: Theory, Design and Applications

Heat Pipes (5th ed.)

Theory, Design and Applications

Ryan McGlen, Peter Kew and 1 more...
Elsevier Science (2006)

Heat pipes are used in a wide range of applications, including electronics cooling, die-casting and...

Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers
Elsevier Science (1996)

Although the basic theories of thermodynamics are adequately covered by a number of existing texts,...

Process Heat Transfer: Principles, Applications and Rules of Thumb

Process Heat Transfer

Principles, Applications and Rules of Thumb

Elsevier Science (2010)

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Heat...

Modern Engineering Thermodynamics
Elsevier Science (2011)

Modern Engineering Thermodynamics is designed for use in a standard two-semester engineering...

A History of Thermodynamics: The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy

A History of Thermodynamics

The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

The most exciting and significant episode of scientific progress is the development of...

Mechanical Efficiency of Heat Engines
Cambridge University Press (2007)

This 2007 book presents a developed general conceptual and basic quantitative analysis and theory of...

Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers
Elsevier Science (2015)

Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers, Second Edition introduces the basic concepts of...

Heat Transfer: A Problem Solving Approach

Heat Transfer

A Problem Solving Approach

Kubie Jorge, Tariq Muneer and 1 more...
CRC Press (2003)

A core task of engineers is to analyse energy related problems. The analytical treatment is usually...