Atmospheric diffusion

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Wind Flow and Vapor Cloud Dispersion at Industrial and Urban Sites
Wiley (2010)

A key component of risk reduction is reducing the potential consequences that could result from...

Guidelines for Use of Vapor Cloud Dispersion Models
Wiley (2010)

The second edition of this essential reference updates and combines two earlier titles to capture...

Eddy Covariance: A Practical Guide to Measurement and Data Analysis

Eddy Covariance

A Practical Guide to Measurement and Data Analysis

Marc Aubinet, Timo Vesala and 1 more...
Springer Netherlands (2012)

This handbook provides exhaustive treatment of eddy covariance measurement. The chapters cover...

Stochastic Lagrangian Modeling for Large Eddy Simulation of Dispersed Turbulent Two-Phase Flows
Bentham Science Publishers (2011)

Understanding the dispersion and the deposition of inertial particles convected by turbulent flows...