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Introduction to Geostatistics: Applications in Hydrogeology

Introduction to Geostatistics

Applications in Hydrogeology

Cambridge University Press (1997)

This presents practical techniques for interpolation and estimation problems when analysing data...

Hydrogeology Field Manual, 2e
McGraw-Hill Education (2008)

Dramatically Improve Your Hydrogeology Field Skills and Master New Advances in Groundwater Science ...

Geological Fluid Dynamics: Sub-surface Flow and Reactions

Geological Fluid Dynamics

Sub-surface Flow and Reactions

Cambridge University Press (2009)

Describes fluid flow, transport and contamination in rocks and sediments, for graduate students and...

Field Hydrogeology
Wiley (2007)

The successful investigation of the hydrogeology of an area depends on the collection of reliable...

Watershed Dynamics (Student Edition)
National Science Teachers Association (2004)

Whether you’re a stream studies novice or a veteran aquatic monitor, Watershed Dynamics gives...

Subsurface Flow and Transport: A Stochastic Approach
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A valuable reference work for research workers and professionals in hydrology, environmental issues,...

Subsurface Hydrology
Wiley (2006)

With an emphasis on methodology, this reference provides a comprehensive examination of water...

Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice

Hydrogeology (2nd ed.)

Principles and Practice

Wiley (2014)

Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of...

Applied Stochastic Hydrogeology
Oxford University Press (2003)

Stochastic Subsurface Hydrogeology is the study of subsurface, geological heterogeneity, and its...

Flow and Contaminant Transport in Fractured Rock
Elsevier Science (2012)

In the past two or three decades, fractured rock domains have received increasing attention not only...