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Risk, Reliability, Uncertainty, and Robustness of Water Resource Systems
Cambridge University Press (2002)

This volume provides reviews of research on water resource systems, for students, scientists and...

The Dynamics of Coastal Models
Cambridge University Press (2008)

Textbook for graduate students and an introduction for researchers to coastal basins through simple...

The Frozen Earth: Fundamentals of Geocryology

The Frozen Earth

Fundamentals of Geocryology

Cambridge University Press (1991)

This book describes the effects of cold climates on the surface of the earth.

Beaches and Coasts
Wiley (2009)

Coastlines of the world are as diverse as any geological setting on Earth. Beaches and Coasts is an...

Glaciers and Glaciation, 2nd edition
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Glaciers and Glaciation is the classic textbook for all students of glaciation. Stimulating and...

Hydrology: Principle Analysis Design

Hydrology (2nd ed.)

Principle Analysis Design

New Age International Pvt. Ltd., Publishers (2006)

An attempt is made to place before students (degree and post-degree) and professionals in the fields...

River Variability and Complexity
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Supplementary reading for students and researchers on the factors behind river variability.

Physical Geography: The Key Concepts
Taylor and Francis (2009)

Physical Geography: The Key Concepts is a thought-provoking and up-to-date introduction to the...

Mine Pit Lakes: Characterstics, Predictive Modeling, and Sustainability

Mine Pit Lakes

Characterstics, Predictive Modeling, and Sustainability

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (2009)

Water quality of pit lakes is one of the most critical environmental issues facing the global mining...

Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: Towards Disaster Resilient Societies

Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards

Towards Disaster Resilient Societies

United Nations University Press (2006)

A seemingly non-stop series of disasters has shown that societies worldwide seem unprepared for the...