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Groundwater in Fractured Rocks: IAH Selected Paper Series, volume 9

Groundwater in Fractured Rocks

IAH Selected Paper Series, volume 9

CRC Press (2007)

The hydrogeologic environment of fractured rocks represents vital natural systems, examples of which...

Fuzzy Logic and Hydrological Modeling
CRC Press (2009)

The hydrological sciences typically present grey or fuzzy information, making them quite messy and a...

Environmental and Hydrological Systems Modelling
CRC Press (2013)

Mathematical modelling has become an indispensable tool for engineers, scientists, planners,...

Hydrology: A Science for Engineers


A Science for Engineers

André Musy, Benoit Hingray and 1 more...
CRC Press (2014)

This book presents the main hydrological methods and techniques used in the design and operation of...

Particles in Water: Properties and Processes

Particles in Water

Properties and Processes

CRC Press (2005)

Based on the author‘s more than 35 years of experience, Particles in Water: Properties and...

Ocean: Reflections on a Century of Exploration


Reflections on a Century of Exploration

University of California Press (2009)

The past one hundred years of ocean science have been distinguished by dramatic milestones,...

Encyclopedia of Islands
University of California Press (2009)

Islands have captured the imagination of scientists and the public for centuries—unique and rare...

Mountain Geography: Physical and Human Dimensions

Mountain Geography

Physical and Human Dimensions

University of California Press (2013)

Mountains cover a quarter of the Earth’s land surface and a quarter of the global population lives...

Using Soil Water Tracers to Estimate Recharge - Part 7
CSIRO Publishing (1998)

This booklet covers the soil tracer techniques that have been shown to be useful for Australian...

Groundwater Chemical Methods for Recharge Studies - Part 2
CSIRO Publishing (1998)

Describes those geochemical methods which have been used to quantify rates of groundwater recharge.