Elementary particle physics

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String Theory Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2008)

UNRAVEL the mystery of STRING THEORY Trying to understand string theory but ending up with your...

The Standard Model: A Primer
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This 2006 book uses the standard model as a vehicle for introducing quantum field theory.

Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics
World Scientific Publishing Company (2003)

A comprehensive overview of modern particle physics, which seeks to be accessible to anyone who...

Gauge Field Theories
Cambridge University Press (2000)

An expanded and up-dated book examining gauge theories and their symmetries.

The Physics of Synchrotron Radiation
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Comprehensive coverage of the underlying physics, with applications, for graduates and researchers.

The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics
Cambridge University Press (2009)

A unique presentation of our current understanding of particle physics for researchers, advanced...

Quantum Field Theory
Cambridge University Press (1996)

A modern pedagogic introduction to the ideas and techniques of quantum field theory.

Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics
Cambridge University Press (2008)

This textbook conveys basic elements of the Standard Model for advanced undergraduate students and...

Aspects of Symmetry: Selected Erice Lectures

Aspects of Symmetry

Selected Erice Lectures

Cambridge University Press (1988)

For almost two decades, Sidney Coleman has been giving review lectures on frontier topics in...

The Little Book of String Theory
Princeton University Press (2010)

The Little Book of String Theory offers a short, accessible, and entertaining introduction to one...