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Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Provides an up-to-date synthesis of all knowledge relevant to the climate change issue, for...

Comfortably Unaware: Global Depletion and Food Responsibility

Comfortably Unaware

Global Depletion and Food Responsibility

Hillcrest Media Group, Inc. (2011)

In Comfortably Unaware, Dr. Richard Oppenlander tackles the crucial issue of global depletion as it...

Predictability of Weather and Climate
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book, first published in 2006, examines the theory and practice of weather and climate...

Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Provides a comprehensive yet accessible treatment of computer-based weather and climate prediction,...

Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction

Global Warming (2nd ed.)

A Very Short Introduction

Oxford University Press (2008)

Global warming is arguably the most critical and controversial issue facing the world in the...

Out of the Blue: A 24-Hour Skywatcher's Guide

Out of the Blue

A 24-Hour Skywatcher's Guide

Cambridge University Press (2002)

A 24-hour practical guide to skywatching.

Climate Changes during the Holocene and their Impact on Hydrological Systems
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Comprehensive review of effects of climate variability on hydrological and human systems in the...

Dynamics of the Atmosphere: A Course in Theoretical Meteorology

Dynamics of the Atmosphere

A Course in Theoretical Meteorology

Cambridge University Press (2003)

A graduate-level text book for students in meteorology, containing numerous exercise sets and...

The Oceans and Climate
Cambridge University Press (2003)

New edition of successful textbook that introduces the multi-disciplinary controls on air-sea...

Climate Change and Africa
Cambridge University Press (2006)

An invaluable reference for all researchers and policy makers with an interest in climate change and...