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Plate Heat Exchangers: Design, Applications and Performance

Plate Heat Exchangers

Design, Applications and Performance

L. Wang, B. Sunden and 1 more...
WIT Press (2007)

Heat exchangers are important, and used frequently in the processing, heat and power,...

Thermodynamics of Natural Systems
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Comprehensive advanced textbook on thermodynamics for Earth scientists, suitable for senior...

Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics
Cambridge University Press (2004)

A graduate-level textbook in statistical physics and thermodynamics.

Physics Study Guide (2007)

Boost Your grades with this illustrated quick-study guide. You will use it from college to graduate...

Detection of Light: From the Ultraviolet to the Submillimeter

Detection of Light (2nd ed.)

From the Ultraviolet to the Submillimeter

Cambridge University Press (2002)

A comprehensive overview of important approaches to photon detection from ultraviolet to...

Statistical Thermodynamics: Fundamentals and Applications

Statistical Thermodynamics

Fundamentals and Applications

Cambridge University Press (2005)

This 2006 textbook discusses the fundamentals and applications of statistical thermodynamics for...

Practical Physics
Cambridge University Press (2001)

New edition of classic textbook companion for any undergraduate course in practical experimental...

Optical Physics
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Fourth edition of a well-established textbook for undergraduate courses on modern optics, with...

Spectrograph Design Fundamentals
Cambridge University Press (2007)

This 2007 book covers spectrographic design for academic researchers, graduate students and...

Entropy Demystified: The Second Law Reduced To Plain Common Sense

Entropy Demystified

The Second Law Reduced To Plain Common Sense

World Scientific Publishing Company (2007)

In this unique book, Arieh Ben-Naim invites the reader to experience the joy of appreciating...