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Gender, Equality and Welfare States
Cambridge University Press (1996)

Feminist critique of US, UK, Swedish, and Dutch welfare systems, with proposals for achieving...

Engaging with Social Work: A Critical Introduction

Engaging with Social Work (2nd ed.)

A Critical Introduction

Cambridge University Press (2019)

Equips students with a critical perspective and develops their understanding of social work...

A Disability History of the United States
Beacon Press (2012)

The first book to cover the entirety of disability history, from pre-1492 to the present   ...

Australian Social Policy and the Human Services
Cambridge University Press (2017)

Australian Social Policy and the Human Services introduces readers to the complex field of social...

Doing A Literature Review In Health And Social Care: A Practical Guide
McGraw-Hill Education (2014)

This popular book demystifies literature reviewing and answers the questions students have about how...

Ma, Now I'm Goin Up in the World
Mainstream Publishing (2011)

At 16, Martha collapses on the streets, suffering from starvation and exposure. She has reached rock...

Ma, I'm Gettin Meself a New Mammy
Mainstream Publishing (2011)

Aged thirteen, Martha is rescued by the courts from the clutches of her evil stepfather, Jackser,...

Person-Centred Counselling in Action
SAGE Publications (2013)

This bestselling book maintains the accessibility and verve of previous editions while incorporating...

Our Voices: Aboriginal Social Work

Our Voices (2nd ed.)

Aboriginal Social Work

Macmillan Education UK (2019)

The second edition of Our Voices is a ground-breaking collection of writings from Aboriginal...

The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State
OUP Oxford (2012)

The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State is the authoritative and definitive guide to the...