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Medical Device Technologies: A Systems Based Overview Using Engineering Standards

Medical Device Technologies

A Systems Based Overview Using Engineering Standards


Medical Device Technologies introduces undergraduate engineering students to commonly manufactured...

Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Skeletal Regeneration

This book covers our current understanding of the role of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and other...

On the Future: Prospects for Humanity

On the Future

Prospects for Humanity


A provocative and inspiring look at the future of humanity and science from world-renowned scientist...

Regulation of Synthetic Biology: BioBricks, Biopunks and Bioentrepreneurs

Regulation of Synthetic Biology

BioBricks, Biopunks and Bioentrepreneurs


This book explores the interplay between regulation and emerging technologies in the context of...

Lessons on Caffeine, Cannabis & Co: Plant-derived Drugs and their Interaction with Human Receptors

Lessons on Caffeine, Cannabis & Co

Plant-derived Drugs and their Interaction with Human Receptors

This textbook provides a structured, easy to understand and thorough insight into the mode of...

Companion Diagnostics (CDx) in Precision Medicine

There is a new trend in anti-cancer therapeutics development: a targeted therapy and precision...

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Homo Deus

A Brief History of Tomorrow

Random House (2016)

THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER Sapiens shows us where we came from. Homo Deus shows us where...

Bioinformatics For Dummies
Wiley (2007)

Were you always curious about biology but were afraid to sit through long hours of dense reading?...


The updated fifth edition of John Smith's popular textbook, ideal for introductory course in...

An Introduction to Genetic Engineering

Undergraduate genetic engineering textbook for students taking biotechnology, genetics, molecular...