Urban Ecosystems

Ecological Principles for the Built Environment

by Frederick R. Adler, Colby J. Tanner

As humans have come to dominate the earth, the ideal of studying and teaching ecology in pristine ecosystems has become impossible to achieve. Our planet is now a mosaic of ecosystems ranging from the relatively undisturbed to the completely built, with the majority of people living in urban environments. This accessible introduction to the principles of urban ecology provides students with the tools they need to understand these increasingly important urban ecosystems. It builds upon the themes of habitat modification and resource use to demonstrate how multiple ecological processes interact in cities and how human activity initiates chains of unpredictable unintended ecological consequences. Broad principles are supported throughout by detailed examples from around the world and a comprehensive list of readings from the primary literature. Questions, exercises and laboratories at the end of each chapter encourage discussion, hands-on study, active learning, and engagement with the world outside the classroom window.

  • Cambridge University Press; April 2013
  • ISBN: 9781107239791
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  • Title: Urban Ecosystems
  • Author: Frederick R. Adler; Colby J. Tanner
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

'… a comprehensive summary of the growing field of urban ecology through a biogeophysical lens … The organization of the book is clear and intuitive, and the research presented is varied and compelling … The scholarship is impressive … The 'questions and further readings' included at the end of every chapter are thoughtful and well aligned with the content … The light breezy prose makes for an easy read that will keep the attention of students and urbanites alike. The language strikes an impressive balance between academic jargon and accessibility providing readers with breadth as well as ample opportunity to dig a little deeper. Students will appreciate the comprehensive glossary and pairing of basic ecological concepts with unique real-world applications … If you are interested in learning more about the ecology of these complex, varied, and beautiful things we call cities … this book is for you. I doubt you will be disappointed.' Kirsten Schwarz, Basic and Applied Ecology