The Tale of Cupid & Psyches

by Lucius Apuleius, William Adlington

The first known record of the the poignant tale of Psyche's labors to reclaim the love of Cupid is recorded by Lucius Apuleius in the second century AD. When the beautiful Psyche attracts the jealous wrath of Venus, Venus sends her son Cupid to bewitch the girl and cause her to fall in love with a monster, but Cupid himself falls in love with his mother's nemesis and secretly becomes her husband. Psyche is instructed that she must never look at Cupid, for in looking at him she will lose him. Unable to resist temptation she violates this law.

Desperate to find her lost love the young woman commences a succession of grueling tasks dictated by the vengeful Venus aspiring to win him back. Unable to behold her anguish Cupid appeals to the gods. Psyche is granted immortality and the two are reunited and married.

Many have interpreted Cupid as the allegorical representation of Love and Psyche as the Soul and their union is still seen as a perfect symbol of eternal love.

  • The Floating Press; January 1900
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  • Title: The Tale of Cupid & Psyches
  • Author: Lucius Apuleius; William Adlington (trans.)
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