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Peatland Restoration and Ecosystem Services: Science, Policy and Practice

Peatland Restoration and Ecosystem Services

Science, Policy and Practice

Aletta Bonn, Tim Allott and 3 more...
Cambridge University Press (2016)
45,98 €

An interdisciplinary book tackling the challenges of managing peatlands and their ecosystem services...

Drivers of Environmental Change in Uplands
Taylor and Francis (2008)
45,46 €

The uplands are a crucial source of ecosystem services, such as water provision, carbon retention,...

Atlas of Ecosystem Services: Drivers, Risks, and Societal Responses

Atlas of Ecosystem Services

Drivers, Risks, and Societal Responses

Springer International Publishing (2019)
205,69 €

This book aims to identify, present and discuss key driving forces and pressures on ecosystem...