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How To Read The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
Granta Publications (2012)
7,66 €

'These [How to Read] books let you encounter thinkers eyeball to eyeball by analysing passages from...

100 Hieroglyphs: Think Like An Egyptian

100 Hieroglyphs

Think Like An Egyptian

Granta Publications (2012)
9,85 €

Using 100 Egyptian hieroglyphs, the author takes us on a journey through the Egyptian mind,...

Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization

Ancient Egypt (3rd ed.)

Anatomy of a Civilization

Taylor and Francis (2018)
36,45 €

This fully revised and updated third edition of the bestselling Ancient Egypt seeks to identify...

Ancient Egypt: All That Matters
John Murray Press (2015)
3,52 €

For three thousand years a dominant force, Ancient Egypt is arguably the most successful and longest...